Netan Tours is a company dedicated to the transportation of passengers and tourism, for which we have a team of professional drivers, which guarantees excellent service to all our clients.

Our company was created in order to provide a comprehensive service based on reliability, punctuality and safety in the transfer of passengers. Emphasizing personalized attention and commitment to our clients through teamwork.

Responsibility, Punctuality, Service, Respect, Commitment.

  • We carry out our task with the established conditions and in the stipulated times.
  • We provide the best service to our Clients hoping to meet their expectations.
  • We maintain a permanent attitude of respect with our colleagues, customers and suppliers.
  • We comply with the commitments made to our clients, work team and with our Company.

Our company understands that our clients require the best of our services and for this we commit ourselves by offering our work with seriousness, quality and efficiency.

We have advice on risk prevention, passenger insurance, mandatory insurance, in addition to taking care of all the legal aspects of our staff and our vehicles in order to provide you with the best transportation service on the market.

Book directly transfers and tours you want.

Our services can be contracted through our Website at the time of purchasing your ticket. With this service, our clients have the comfort and peace of mind of having an immediate connection from their place of arrival to different areas of hotels and tourist attractions such as Miami Seaquarium, Jungle Island, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, Universal Studios Resorts and Walt Disney Resorts, and more...

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